Saturday, 4 October 2014


Tiger Sharks have a bad reputation and are second only to the Great White Sharks in attacking humans.

Tiger sharks teeth are serrated with powerful jaws making them an ideal killing machine. They are able to bite through the shells of sea turtles.

Tiger Sharks will eat almost anything but dolphins are a favorite food. Studies have shown that 70% of wild dolphins have scars from shark bites (mostly as calves).

In sand tiger sharks, the biggest, strongest pups eat their brothers and sisters while still inside their mother’s body. This seems terrible but guarantees the birth of the most aggressive young.

A Tiger Shark’s teeth are not attached to the jaw, but grow in their flesh. In order to keep the biting equipment in order, teeth are constantly replaced throughout the shark's life.

In 1935, an Australian Tiger Shark spat out a human arm. Police discovered that the shark had not attacked anyone but had eaten the arm after a murder victim had been cut up and thrown into sea.

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