Saturday, 28 June 2014


Mature tiger sharks can live 45-50 years and reach 6-7.5 metres long. They can weigh more than 900 kilograms.

Tiger Sharks get their name from the vertical stripes found on their bodies. These markings look like ripples of sunlight moving through the water and help them "blend in".

Photographing Tigers on assignment.

Most Tiger Sharks seem to be nomadic and cover long distances. One shark tagged in Hawaii was recaptured off the coast of South Africa. Others stay within a smaller range and may patrol a beach or bay.

Keep low and pay attention.

A Tiger Shark’s teeth make them dangerous to handle. One trick Reef Ninja uses is to roll them on to their backs. They seem to go to sleep (this is called tonic immobility).
Tiger Sharks can be unpredictable and divers must be very cautious. It is easy to believe that the sharks like our company and that they can be trusted.

Mature sharks have less pronounced strips compared to juveniles.

More people are struck by lightning than killed by sharks. You should be scuba diving instead of standing in the rain!

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