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Killer Whales are near the top of the list when it comes to kid's questions.

Q: What is a super pod?
A: A group of whales is called a pod or family. Several pods of whales meeting in one location is called a super pod. Super pods are a community gathering of several pods of whales. Super pods form 2-3 times a year like a family gathering or holiday together.

 A pod of Killer Whales near Alaska.

Q: How do whales know which other whales they are talking to?
A: Did you know killer whales have an accent in making their vocal sounds?
Whales within the same pod will develop an accent or dialect which makes each pod able to recognize a member of its pod from members of other pods.

If young whales are separated from their “family pod” the calf will not learn the necessary dialect features to be accepted back into its pod. It is for that reason an orphaned or isolated young killer whale must be quickly reintroduced back into its family pod.

 A young Killer Whale stays close to its mother for protection and for the next feed.

Q: Are all killer whale pods the same?
A: There are two types of killer whale families. One group is a resident population that remains in one general location along the coast eating primarily fish.
A second group is called transitory. They migrate from location to location eating seals, sea lions, and dolphins and rarely eat fish. Some of these groups are coastal but others remain separate and live some distance off shore spending most of their time on the continental shelf.

 Killer Whales are voracious predators. These Penguins are easy targets as they dive for the water.

Q: How long do killer whales live?
A: Male killer whales live to 20-25 yrs. Females live to 50 years. Females usually select older males to mate with. By the time her female calves are ready to reproduce the father of the female calf is dead from old age. This prevents inbreeding of the killer whale pod and keeps the species genetically strong. 

 Even a Great White Shark is no match for a Killer Whale.

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